Episode 6 | Lateef Martin

Lateef Martin

Lateef Martin talks about racism and inclusivity, being called out for misogynoir, and zombies as a symbol for otherness and the infection of bias.

No More Silence

I speak because I am an optimist, and I believe that if I speak, I may be able to normalize ideology that could bring more justice to my corner of the world for marginalized people.

Episode 3 | Kristin Norderval

Kristin Norderval

Composer and Performer Kristin Norderval talks about human rights, her experience as a lesbian and a sexual assault survivor, and how she wrote her opera.

The vulnerabilities of my feminism

Feminism has grounded me and changed how I live my life and make art. It has given me a framework of challenge and empowerment from which to build.

Episode 1 | Athena Holmes

Athena Holmes

Athena Holmes talks about their two different personas, Ms. Holmes and BiG SiSSY, racism and misogyny in the music industry, and how they write songs while biking.