Why and How I Boycotted Amazon

Someone giving the middle finger to a computer screen with the Amazon web page on it.

While there are usually many reasons to boycott a multinational corporation, I decided this winter that it was time to take the plunge and look into divorcing myself from this particular giant. There’s a Wikipedia page dedicated to Amazon “controversies”, or offensive shit they’ve done. From actively suppressing unionizing efforts  by its employees to selling a doormat with the Indian … Read More

The vulnerabilities of my feminism

Feminism has grounded me and changed how I live my life and make art. It has given me a framework of challenge and empowerment from which to build.

Flow versus “Taste”: How to silence your inner critic

Cultivating flow means that our creative work blossoms when we feel the freedom to make whatever the hell we want to make – the pressure to make something that is in “good taste” is not part of the vocabulary of flow. We can and should celebrate the experiments that end up as misfit appendages of our core opus as we expand our perspective and skills…and in the meantime gain more courage to escape any boxes we find ourselves in.