Client Support

Dear Quill clients,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how amazing you and your work are, and how you inspire and uplift me every day.

This page is for you to book time with me. There are more availabilities here than are made available to new clients, because I know that sometimes you have urgent needs that I want to take care of.

If you haven’t already been in touch with me about your current needs, please do email me ( in as much detail as possible. There may be a quick fix.

My basic rate is $50/hour, although sometimes it’s better for you and for me to work in larger “contracts” on bigger projects. If it is a small task, I often will not charge, and of course if the mistake is mine, there is no charge, ever!

Thank-you for your voice, and I am looking forward to hearing from you!


P. S. If there are no time slots that work for you, please email me.