Sometimes the right words come along late on a Sunday night. Thank-you, @serpentfire ✨ … “~ Spiritual Erotica, Volume One ~ Chapter One: Help you understand the true power of your beautiful eyes, when they shine in the sunlight, reflecting the zenith glory of the whole universe in a microcosm Chapter Two: Guide your hand to the apex of your truest creative dream, to make it tactile and real Chapter Three: Take away your most fettered malignancies, and replace them with precious crystals, each more rare than the last Chapter Four: Clothe you in the finest cloaks of calm, joy and contentment, their warmth and velvety texture easing away even the most stubborn of woes Chapter Five: Reach into your abyss and turn on the light, so that you may make your way a little more easily through the unknown Chapter Six: Rest your subtle questions and burning desires in a warm bath of lavender and rose, gently dissolving them into zenful detachment Chapter Seven: Bear-hug your saddest moments as a child, thereby giving those heart-wrenching memories a touch of safety and softness. Goodnight all. #musingsonthepath”

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