Leveraging Privilege Against Racism

Next Dates TBA

Location TBA, Montreal, QC

This inclusive work shop is open to everyone. It will involve a somatic body mind practice, as well as paired dialoguing to help dispel the difficult emotions that often block us from taking conscious action. Next we will learn how to create a conscious relationship with our privilege and brainstorm practical ways that white people can do to create shifts in society and centre the experience of racialized people. Workshop is PWYC / By Donation at the door. All proceeds will be donated to Native Health Youth Network.


Music from the Margins

Dates TBA

arts letters & numbers | 1543 Burden Lake Road, Averill Park, NY 12018

Quill Creative and arts letters & numbers are welcoming all composers, performers, songwriters, musicologists, producers, sound engineers, and anyone involved in the music world, who also identify as a person of colour, queer, trans*, elderly, disabled, or otherwise marginalized, to spend a week in upstate New York exploring ideas, collaborating, and connecting in intentional community. Together, we will generate a collaborative and creative experience, exploring marginalized music, and marginalized identities in the music world. We will hold space for each other to share our experiences of exclusion and inclusion, oppression and empowerment, solitude and joy.

Each guest will be given time and space to lead group creative activities, give performances, talks, readings, or lead discussions about music, art, and queer, trans*, racialized or other oppressed identities.

Arts Letters & Numbers is a non-profit arts, education, and publishing organization dedicated to facilitating creative exchanges across a wide range of disciplines including Architecture, Visual Arts, Theatre Arts, Film, Music, Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences. Arts, Letters & Numbers conducts workshops in educational and cultural institutions worldwide in collaboration with theatre companies, artists, writers, actors, musicians and filmmakers. It operates an ongoing series of educational workshops, performances and film productions at ‘The Mill’ located in Upstate, NY.



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My dream is to be able to build websites for marginalized low-income artists and activists, funded by the Quill Grant Fund. Contribute to the fund on Patreon now.

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