Episode 1 | Athena Holmes

Athena Holmes

Episode 1 | Athena Holmes


Athena Holmes is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and performer. They are a feminist and a queer person of colour. Their performances are energetic and sexy, and their music has been described as soulful. They currently make music under two different umbrellas – Ms. Holmes (msholmes.com) is their singer/songwriter persona, and BiG SiSSY (http://dabigsissy.wix.com/dabigsissy) makes queer dance pop.


About the Podcast

Every month, I interview someone about their creative work and process. The podcast is available on Stitcher and iTunes.

Thank-you to Emily Campbell for teaching me some basic sound recording and interviewing skills, and to Athena Holmes for composing and recording the music you hear before and after each episode.

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