How to import a spreadsheet into Google Contacts

How to import a spreadsheet into Google Contacts


YYou receive an excel spreadsheet from a colleague, which contains all the updated contact information you need. You save it as a .csv file and try to import it directly into your GMail contacts. I say, “try”, because you end up with the name field intact, but the rest of the info in the “Notes” section, which is not helpful. What to do?

Step 0:
Back up your Gmail contacts in case something goes wrong. (Export all contacts to desktop.)

Step 1:
Upload the excel file to Google Drive. I don’t know why this helps, but it does. Ensure the file has converted to Google Spreadsheet format, then download it to your desktop as a .csv file.

Step 2:
Change the headings in the .csv file. This is the part that people spend hours on Google Forums trying to figure out. A few basic headings that will work:
First Name, Last Name, or simply, Name
E-Mail Address (This one is very specifically the only heading that will work if you are importing email addresses.)
Business Address, Home Address
Business Phone, Home Phone, Mobile Phone
Job Title

Step 3:
Save the file to the desktop. Accept all warning dialogues.

Step 4:
Import the file to your contacts, and process as usual (merge duplicates, add contacts to a group, etc.). The contacts should be in a group together upon import, labeled with today’s date.

I would appreciate your comments below if you use this method – let me know if it worked for you!


Rebecca Woodmass


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