Episode 2 | Lenore Herrem

Episode 2 | Lenore Herrem

Lenore Herrem is surrounded by so much love, talent, generosity, wisdom, and character.

These surroundings quell hardships and creative blocks, if not assertively engaging with them.

Some of the projects she is involved in include Taking What We Need (https://www.facebook.com/Taking-What-We-Need-952055111521717/), a community fundraising group for low income trans-feminine people in Montreal. She also runs a low-key couturiere service (https://www.facebook.com/couturierelenore/) out of her home, and organizes a few other events throughout the year, like “Chosen Family Feud” among others.

Lenore loves creating in free environments, and can be inspired by anything as long it’s on the right day.

She is a big fan of mediocrity- there should always be room for mediocrity.

About the Podcast

Every month, I interview someone about their creative work and process. The podcast is available on Stitcher and iTunes.

Thank-you to Emily Campbell for teaching me some basic sound recording and interviewing skills, and to Athena Holmes for composing and recording the music you hear before and after each episode.

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