Rebecca Woodmass

I’m Rebecca.

I design and build gorgeous and highly functional websites.

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“Rebecca helped me understand how my SEO works, to ensure the things I post on my website were more searchable. And she made it possible for me to sell products through my website. She worked quickly and efficiently. I would work with Rebecca again because she is efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. And it is important to me to support female-run and LGBTQ business.”

Athena Holmes, Singer/Songwriter


“We’re so grateful to Rebecca for helping us make sure that the new UN Free & Equal campaigns website is accessible to as many people as possible. She is professional, friendly and attentive – an overall joy to work with.”

Rikke Elisabeth Hennum, United Nations Human Rights
Campaign Coordinator/Associate Communications Officer
United Nations Free & Equal Campaign

UN Free and Equal Campaign

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Rebecca Woodmass

“Rebecca designed my new website, provided options for technical and business flow solutions, tightened up my sites security, and coached me through how to maintain it all on my own when she was done. All of this, with exceptional organization and warm customer service. She has inspired my trust in her, and I now seek her out when I have ideas for my site that I need to flush out. Rebecca does more than web design and building – she became a key player in my business team. I recommend her to anyone who needs to feel supported through the navigation of all the techno mumbo jumbo of creating a solid online presence. Once you have Rebecca on your team, you’ll be ready to take your business and projects to a whole new level!”

Christine Guenette, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach


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My dream is to be able to build websites for marginalized low-income artists and activists, funded by the Quill Grant Fund. Contribute to the fund on Patreon now.

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