Change makers, radicals, resisters; It’s becoming abundantly clear that if we have a voice, a community gathering around our words/art/expression, or if communication means anything at all to us, we need our own platforms. Having a microphone in your hand means nothing if you don’t trust the person at the other end of the wire. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, PayPal, Google, Big Cartel, Shopify, and all our web hosting companies have the power to unplug our microphones at any time if they, or the governments they operate under, don’t like what we have to say. And in the age where we are building our communities, our support networks, our relationships, and our businesses online, this matters. That’s why, in my work, I make sure i know and can trust the track record of every company I recommend to my clients, and if there are ethical concerns, I disclose that too. I use open-source applications whenever possible. I give 100% access back to my clients when my work is done and teach them how to use what I’ve built. I believe deeply in the importance of this type of empowerment. We are constructing crucial transformative structures, and our foundations need to be unshakeable. I build websites. Email me if you want to work together.

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