What is Quill?

  • Power

    This is a space for us to support each other in self-actualization (finding *my* voice).

  • Solidarity

    This is a space for us to form a community of solidarity, to claim space in society that rejects the existence and value of our identities (finding *our* voice).

  • Resource Re-appropriation

    By doing this, we hope to re-appropriate material conditions that have been withheld from us as women, queer folks, trans* folks, oppressed folks of all kinds.

  • Community

    We are here, together, for voice, freedom and justice.

I’m Rebecca

of Quill

I’m a
classical singer,
web developer
and designer,



Cultural production and self-expression can and should be used to build new alternatives to the current dominant ideologies of patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy.




We as marginalized people can re-appropriate resources – namely money and power –  withheld from us by the dominant societal ideologies, to gain autonomy from oppressive people and systems. 




“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” -Lilla Watson



Interviews with artists, activists and entrepreneurs that are changing their world



A community of other feminist and marginalized folks that believe in art as activism, activism as art, radical entrepreneurship, and that it’s time for all of our voices to sing powerfully into this world.



Articles that struggle with and celebrate the issues that face marginalized folks, artists, activists, and entrepreneurs.



Web design and development for your project on a sliding scale, as well as help with your business strategy and organization. I'll find solutions to problems you didn't even know were there.


Daily Statements


  • via @mckensiemack 🙌🏼
  • Love this article about @quillcreatelive by @bdavidzarley on @abp_media!
  • When I don’t give myself what I need to thrive, I have trouble surviving and I certainly can’t give to anyone else. Have a gentle and beautiful week, whatever that means to you! Via @thebodyisnotanapology (drawing of a potted flower and a yellow sun, with the words “it’s ok to put yourself first”)
  • May your magic and your power bring you all that you desire.
  • I had to repost this great example of spiritual bypassing I see in the entrepreneur communities around me. Thank you to my client @sensitivity_uncensored for calling this out! When we know better, we must do better.
  • Important reminder
  • Check out that last statistic. Things must change in web development and we need as many designers and developers on board as possible- especially theme developers and people working at corporations like Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace. Building a website is not a fast process, nor is it just about how it looks. Accessibility should be our primary consideration. Stats pulled from @accessibilibuddy
  • Thank you for the perfect morning message with my coffee @traitspourtraits
  • 😎
  • #Repost @crystalrootandconjure ・・・ ~there is room for all of us to succeed. do not let capitalism stifle your spirit's healing journey. do not let commodification muddy your highest intentions and divine purpose. we in this together; dun kno. 🌺🌻🌹 #RP from @thesoniag #WhenWeAllWinWeAllWin #CapitalismRuinsEverything #BackToBasics #ConjureCollaboration #GrassRoots
  • I’m back. I’ve been focusing on my real world more than my social media these days, and without giving that up, I’m now exploring how my real life can be enhanced by my social media. 👋🏻💋
  • #Repost @melaniecervantes ・・・ In 2011 I felt so tired of the Thanksgiving narrative and normalization of a day that celebrates invasion and genocide that I started an intentional practice of celebrating Indigenous resistance and resilience. So every year wherever I am at I take time to remember that despite all of the horrors of colonialism that indigenous peoples are still here. Still living, breathing and loving. I offer these images as a way to fight against erasure, invisibility and the violence of forgetting. This year’s graphic was a collaboration led by @jesusvbarraza #withloveandpresepctfromtongvaland#indigenouspeoplesday #nothanktaking #indigenize #decolonize #exist #resist
  • Gratitude Practise for White People: Make a list of what you're thankful for today, and then work every day for the rest of the year to make sure Indigenous people have those things, too. Don't stop until they do.
  • Come hear me talk about @quillcreatelive tonight at the Lesbians Who Tech Social Change event! 6:30pm, Cagibi!
  • I was living this way for so long, and to be honest, I thought this was a sign of love when I would see others put my life first. No more. I have too much to give to this world by living fully to defer to someone else’s dreams or expectations for me. Boundaries are badass and the biggest middle finger to oppression is to THRIVE. via @laura_mckowen
  • We can’t dismantle something we are ashamed to face. @sophieamacklin is doing amazing work centring around anti capitalism. INSPIRED. #endmoneyshame
  • Friends. Lovelies. Witches. Revolutionaries. My very first ever book is now available for purchase on my website! (Link in Bio) I am so so excited to share it with you all!
  • Call me witchy, but I believe the earth can give us some answers if we listen. “This forest is made of plants 
brought over from Europe. 
Their seeds touched soil 
and found it pleasing, 
and their roots and branches 
grew strong and choked out 
the plants who were there before 
the new ones arrived.

Scientists tell us 
that diversity is necessary 
to the survival 
of our ecosystems. 
The preservation 
of native plant species 
is paramount. 
How can those plants thrive again?
Listen carefully to the answer.” Poem by Rebecca
  • Samhain Freedom Spells by @dorimidnight
  • Brainstorming about the nature of reparations Our reparations must be generous. Our reparations must be scaleable. Our reparations must benefit Black and Indigenous people who have not yet been born. Our reparations must be fully liberatory as defined by Black and Indigenous people. Our reparations must enable healing of generations of trauma. Our reparations must demand nothing of the recipient. Our reparations must be wholehearted and ongoing. Our reparations must be sincere and not self-serving. Our reparations must be private as well as public, publicized as well as secret. Our reparations must be in addition to a full repair of the law and of the justice system. Our reparations must include all genders, ages, abilities, and classes. Everyone. Our reparations must be immune to reversal, withholding, or any future white nonsense.
  • V. Good checklist to look at before heading out the door.
  • A response to trauma or memory of trauma is to disassociate. I try to remember that I am the elements and connect to those energies to stay present. May you stay present to yourself today 🖤
  • The camoflage of self-assurance Draws people near And lets me stay hidden. What they can’t see They can’t abandon. -RW
  • via @recipesforselflove
  • The reason you don’t believe me Is that I’ve learned, since childhood, To smile. To laugh. To make the best of things. Keeping peace was my girlhood work. Making sure Dad knew he was right. Making sure Mom knew she was loved, And that we thought she was beautiful. The reason you don’t believe me Is because, deep down, you must know That we saw the consequences of our truth-telling. It was always mom who drive away When things got too rough between you. Her life, played by your rules. Maybe It would have been different if she earned enough To support a family of three. The reason you don’t believe me Is that I’m good at pretending pleasure After years of performing heterosexuality And that scares the shit out of you. If I could do it for 28 years, What else could I pretend, and for how long? If you believe me, it might mean You have to learn to listen more closely To a woman’s body and words Instead of benefitting from her fear of male violence To continue to get what you want. The reason you don’t believe me Is that we had a one-night stand that summer You knew I was slutting it up. You know the guy I said raped me, And he loves his mom and sisters. He would never hurt a fly. I’m here to tell you that in this world, A fly’s life is of more value than a woman’s, And there is a fly swatter in every home. The reason you don’t believe me Is because if I’m right, if we’re right, Then you have done it too, and so have your friends. If there’s anything worse than losing the court case, It’s living with the knowledge That you are not one of the good ones. In order for you to believe us, You are going to have to learn to forgive yourself. And that is the hardest thing you’ll ever do. -Rebecca Woodmass #metoo
  • A message to all the babes that are feeling small and helpless today. When you are ready to emerge know that you are powerful just as you are 🖤 @repealhyde
  • Solidarity with Survivors today. 🖤
  • I keep coming back to this when I feel helpless.
  • 🌱
  • Sober post full moon tender weekend feelings ✨
  • ✖️Fight hopelessness, hold space for grief, empty bank accounts into the other empty bank accounts✖️
  • If I had a million dollars, I'd spend it all to support the femmes in my life 🖤💋
  • Change makers, radicals, resisters; It's becoming abundantly clear that if we have a voice, a community gathering around our words/art/expression, or if communication means anything at all to us, we need our own platforms. Having a microphone in your hand means nothing if you don't trust the person at the other end of the wire. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, PayPal, Google, Big Cartel, Shopify, and all our web hosting companies have the power to unplug our microphones at any time if they, or the governments they operate under, don't like what we have to say. And in the age where we are building our communities, our support networks, our relationships, and our businesses online, this matters. That's why, in my work, I make sure i know and can trust the track record of every company I recommend to my clients, and if there are ethical concerns, I disclose that too. I use open-source applications whenever possible. I give 100% access back to my clients when my work is done and teach them how to use what I've built. I believe deeply in the importance of this type of empowerment. We are constructing crucial transformative structures, and our foundations need to be unshakeable. I build websites. Email me if you want to work together. rebecca@quillcreatelive.com
  • Anti-Racism today means examining how you, personally, can be in solidarity with #colinkaepernick and those who stand with him. #boycottnfl
  • Angela Davis spoke in Montreal last week and it was so life-giving. She spoke to the auditorium full of people of colour like she was speaking to insiders, mentees, team members, co-conspirators. And they are. I was and am honoured to share spaces and experiences like that with those that are carrying on the work of Angela Davis and other activists and writers and dreamers of colour in Montreal. I hold you, my community members, with so much love and admiration and will continue to follow your lead as we imagine and build a radically new society.
  • Celebrating beauty today!
  • Sometimes the right words come along late on a Sunday night. Thank-you, @serpentfire ✨ ... "~ Spiritual Erotica, Volume One ~ Chapter One: Help you understand the true power of your beautiful eyes, when they shine in the sunlight, reflecting the zenith glory of the whole universe in a microcosm Chapter Two: Guide your hand to the apex of your truest creative dream, to make it tactile and real Chapter Three: Take away your most fettered malignancies, and replace them with precious crystals, each more rare than the last Chapter Four: Clothe you in the finest cloaks of calm, joy and contentment, their warmth and velvety texture easing away even the most stubborn of woes Chapter Five: Reach into your abyss and turn on the light, so that you may make your way a little more easily through the unknown Chapter Six: Rest your subtle questions and burning desires in a warm bath of lavender and rose, gently dissolving them into zenful detachment Chapter Seven: Bear-hug your saddest moments as a child, thereby giving those heart-wrenching memories a touch of safety and softness. Goodnight all. #musingsonthepath"
  • @guerrillafeminism
  • I'm trying to cut through feelings of helplessness to access my power. If I am connected to a strong intention, that is when I feel the most capable. I don't have to be perfect or do everything, but I can focus my life, thoughts, and actions daily on the urgent tasks of justice. I can make my love and empathy into a focussed stream that rushes toward those things we desperately need more of.
  • via @poconlineclassroom
  • I am afraid of not being loved for who I am. I'm afraid that wherever I am small, I am not sufficient, and wherever I am abundant, I am overwhelming. That I need too much and give too little. At the same time, I know I'm doing the best I can. Is it good enough?
  • There are good things coming your way in the form of a website/advocacy collaboration between Quill and the @rlq_qln, working daily for the rights of marginalized women and femmes. Can't wait to build their new online presence. Also, check out the boob in their office. #freethenipple #feministfriday
  • Sometimes there's nothing to add- the facts speak for themselves.
  • How much so-called self care is actually used to soothe discomfort that should spur me to action or to change? How can I become increasingly uncomfortable with oppression and comfortable with boundaries and respect? Which art can get me there? From @revolutionartoffensive
  • @sweet_shanice wrote this 🙌🏼
  • This is where I come from. The memory is in my body, in my subconscious mind. And when I come back here, old habits, beliefs, perspectives resurface. I am starting to try to engage with my past and my ancestral memory with curiosity. What is buried in me because of things that happened in generations past? What harm have my white ancestors done that I need to heal from? Oppression requires a healing and recovery journey for the oppressor just as much as for the oppressed.
  • When I'm wondering where all the magic has gone, when I feel disconnected from myself, when I'm searching desperately for my muse, it feels good to laugh and take myself a little less seriously. I hope it helps you, too. Thanks, Shel!
  • I've been thinking about how my busyness, my tendency to take on a lot in my work life, and the pressure I put on myself to deliver at the expense of my wellbeing is a response to heteropatriarchal capitalist conditioning. I don't have answers, but I am trying to reclaim my time as my own and not give my power away so quickly. Also, 🙌🏼Maxine Waters🙌🏼
  • I've been very overwhelmed lately. This is an interesting perspective.
  • These are the real questions.
  • How can cis (not trans) people make life easier and better for trans people? <-- Things we should be focussing on.
  • Yesterday my new office was deflowered by Opera Op's unstoppable Founder Marc-Antoine d'Aragon. With @coffeeshopcreativeto on design and @quillcreatelive as project management, it's basically a match made in tech and music heaven. I had so much fun mapping Marc-Antoine's vision for the future of Opera Op with charcoal and pencil and I now am faced with the task of making it into a practical plan. Can't. Freaking. Wait. #collab @stephenbelltenor @operaop #operaop
  • Wanting everything to happen right now. Seeing an opportunity and thinking that if I don't take it, I will never get another one again. Being unable to trust the healing process of my body as as slow thing and the intuition of my heart as a sure thing. I'm working on this as I slowly, slowly unravel the threads of certain societal conditioning of whiteness and cisness and heteronormativity and ableism and ageism in my body. Slowness is good.
  • Ideals. Reposted from @toimarie
  • This is one example of a bit of wisdom that I would love to listen to Angela Davis talk about for hours. I can't begin to imagine the stories that led to her saying this. What I do know is I need to keep it in mind and in heart for when I feel overwhelmed by even my little part of the work... Angela Davis feels overwhelmed by it, too. And I can feel a little less alone.
  • "Racial privilege is like a gun that will auto-focus on [people of colour] until you learn to aim it. When utilized properly, it can do real damage to the White Supremacist system — and it’s a weapon that POC do not have. You have access to people and places we don’t. Your actions against racism carry less risk." -Ijeoma Oluo #feministfriday @ijeomaoluo
  • As much as it is an essential task to support others financially, emotionally, and as a co-conspirator in community and revolution, I also can seek support, inspiration, and joy within this community and this revolution. I allow myself to be uplifted by our victories. I allow myself to sing love songs and learn and write new ones. I allow my eyebrows to separate, my jaw to soften, and my fingers to curl open at every chance I get. I allow myself to trust that the new house we are fighting and struggling to build together can hold me in the moments that I need to be soft, be held, be nourished. "If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution." -Emma Goldman
  • You are gold. Do not
set yourself on fire to keep
other people warm. -Sade Andria Zabala. Thanks for posting this, @guerrillafeminism ! @sadeandriazabala
  • Vulnerability in my personal relationships is really hard for me. I'd rather stay isolated than reveal that I'm not actually perfect. I'm not actually superwoman. But ya know what? Fuck it. Every superhero has her explicit weakness, and isn't that the thing that makes the victory that much sweeter in the end?
  • Yes! Thanks, @vaginawitchcraft #kaylawrites !
  • Last night, I called 911 because someone I love was sending me texts about their suicide plans. I am so grateful that they are alive this morning, and that I am alive, and for all the people in my life that continue to fight the stigma of mental illness. The system would prefer to erase so many of us, especially queer and trans people of colour. The system wants to erase everyone that doesn't fit, that doesn't perfectly uphold it. For some of us, staying alive one day at a time is radical. It's one way of fighting. For some of us, some days, just continuing to exist is a massive task, a gift to our communities, and a big f you to the systems that oppress us. Sending love to all those people that will continue to live, exist, and feel their hearts beat for one more day.
  • #feministfriday “When cis people ask what trans people need to feel safer and better, get this: I don’t want your validation. I don’t want to be 'included' in your already-existing faulty systems that murders trans people and hurts cisgender people. I want you to deconstruct the current model of gender in our society and change it.” -Landyn Pan via POC Online Classroom Are you interested in engaging on a deeper level with other intersectional feminist artists, activists and entrepreneurs? Join our Facebook group, Quill Creative Community. #quillcommunity
  • I met Jen in our first yoga teacher training, and our friendship has especially blossomed in the last year and a half. She teaches me to reconnect to my body through movement, to the earth through groundedness, and to myself through truly courageous and vulnerable actions.⠀ ⠀ Today I'm so proud to launch jenniferkruidbos.com - proud of our work together, proud of her for the courage it takes to expose oneself to the world in all the beautiful ways she does, proud of both of us for trusting the other to bring this project to fruition.
  • .
  • The gender binary is a harmful construct, even and especially when applied to energy (ie, "feminine" and "masculine" energy).
  • Taking care of myself and prioritizing my own growth sometimes makes me feel like a bad, selfish person. Reposting this artwork by @frances_cannon because it makes me uncomfortable in all the right ways. 🖤
  • I am certainly complicit in the gentrification of my neighborhood, but the gentrification itself is so upsetting to me. How to resist?
  • The intimacy of website-making
  • Who are the missing and murdered Indigenous women? They are individuals, all of whom had something unique they were appreciated for in their communities, all of whom had family, friends, love, struggle, and intelligence. The disappearance of each one of them is a tragedy. They should not be "lumped" together as a group in our minds - it's too hard to think of their names when we are constantly thinking of them as a number.
  • I believe that looking for the best questions is superior to looking for the best answers.
  • I believe in the long game, in progress, not perfection. And, I'm very impatient for the long game to go faster.
  • I believe that white people can be in a moment of transformation if we choose to participate in it, and that it will be a combination of more careful listening than ever before and a refusal to let guilt and shame block our ability to listen and act in solidarity with people of colour.
  • I believe there is something inseparable about the concepts of family, friendship, and community. Something to do with care and investment, and how we understand individual and collective privilege, accountability, and responsibility.
  • "u don't have to be a woman to be a feminist because u don't have to be a woman to experience sexism & (trans)misogyny! femininity does not belong to womanhood. sending all of my love & rage to all of the nonbinary and gender non-conforming folks out there who continue to be misgendered in the name of "women's rights." the struggle is not just FOR women the struggle is also AGAINST the gender binary! cis feminism/trans exclusionary feminism isn't feminism, it's just patriarchy lol." @alokvmenon
  • It is through connection with each other that we heal.⠀ It is through connection with each other that we change, transform.⠀ It is through connection with each other that we learn things.⠀ It is through connection with each other that we experience life deeply.
  • By @isabel_Abbott
  • I'm learning that love in action is to take care of the one I love.
  • I used to classify myself as "liberal" because I was an optimist, and now I identify as "radical" because I'm an optimist. For me, that shift happened when I expanded my imagination beyond the existing societal framework and realized it'll be SO MUCH BETTER for everyone I care about if we make completely new systems.
  • I don't care about positioning myself above anyone else. I only care about gaining and becoming co-conspirators.
  • There is room for everyone in the resistance, but the resistance will not be nice to anyone. That's why we need to deal with our fragility, internalized oppressions, and prejudice before we can work effectively as a team.


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